BC 23: better navigation from orders

Hello reader, as you may already know, the new version of Microsoft Business Central 2023 wave 2 (aka BC 23) is coming soon and with this new version there will be a lot of new features.

We will start to see them, in the next few days, and in this article I want to start with a small novelty that users will surely find convenient.

I am referring to a better navigation from orders to their related registered documents (posted sales shipments, posted sales invoices, purchase receipt, posted purchase invoices, etc).

Let’s try, for example, to enter a sales order and post the sales shipment. We now see that the Shipped Quantity field on the sales order, in addition to being unmodifiable as before, now has a drill down. This drill down will open the page of the posted sales shipment lines.

You can get the same behavior also on the Invoiced Quantity field. Moreover, also on the purchase orders you will find the same functionality.

A small change, but one that the user often asks for and that the partner often had to implement; while now we find it natively.

I hope this article was of your interest and that it gave you an extra reason to opt for switching to BC 23.

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