BC 24: placeholders on text fields

Hello reader, in this short article I want to tell you about another new feature introduced with the new version of Microsoft Business Central 2024 wave 1 (BC 24).
I’m referring to text field placeholders.

How many times have you inserted text fields, perhaps with captions similar to each other, and you need to inform the user that that field must have a certain value because it has a certain meaning within the table?

There is the tooltip that helps the user a lot, but to have a better user experience, using placeholders on the fields could be an even more optimal solution.
Let’s see with a simple example how to use them. Let’s create a table with three fields, a code that will be our key, and two text fields.

We then create the list page and the card.

Specifically, on the card page, notice that I’ve set the InstructionalText property to the field. This property is to be set only on pages or pageextensions (you can introduce it on fields that already exist). Also remember that this property can only be put on fields of type BigText, Code, Guid and Text.

The result we will get is something like this:

Note this too, the placeholder on the field is only visible if the page is open in New Record / Edit Record mode, in View mode the placeholder is not visible, as shown in the image below.

Finally, remember that there is no constraint on the page type, we can use the InstructionalText property on all page types. On the other hand, as far as multi-language management is concerned, either the TranslationFile is used, or the mirrored InstructionalTextML property is also present.

I hope this short article will help you increase the experience of using your applications for Microsoft Business Central.

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