Feature’s evolution from BC 20 to BC 23

Hello reader, in this article I will highlight the features present from BC 20 to BC 23.

A colleague recently asked me what’s new in BC 23, given that most of our customers have BC 20 and are gradually transitioning to BC 23.

In fact, for a project manager, it is a legitimate question as it tends to focus on the version currently installed in a project, losing sight of what new versions offer.

In this postI will summarize the features introduced from BC 20, which I remind you has reached the end of its life cycle in October 2023, up to BC 23, passing through intermediate versions. Below is a list of the features introduced.

Blocking deletion of G/L accounts👍   
Payment reconciliation journal – Preview Posting enabled👍   
Bank Account Statement report👍   
Block VAT and General Posting Setups👍   
Check documents and journals in while you work👍   
Consolidate customer and vendor balances👍   
Finding documents and entries efficiently (Find Entries)👍   
More control over deferrals posting👍   
Set default dimensions on locations👍   
Create bank deposits👍   
Better bank reconciliation for checks and improved reporting 👍  
Extended text functionality for VAT clauses 👍  
Financial reporting replaces account schedules 👍  
New VAT Date field on documents and entries 👍  
Use multiple remit-to addresses for vendors (Checks) 👍  
Reverse payment reconciliation journal entries 👍  
New VAT date range limitation when posting documents 👍  
Review general ledger accounts faster  👍 
Set default dimensions on locations, inventory documents and journals  👍 
Usability improvements to Financial Reporting pages  👍 
Use statistical accounts to collect data for financial reports  👍 
Copy links when posting general journals  👍 
Use realized gain or loss entries to reverse ledger entries  👍 
Reverse a customer and vendor ledger entry with a realized gain or loss entry   👍
Consolidate financial information across environments in multicompany setups   👍
Use General Ledger Allocations to distribute costs and revenue more efficiently   👍
Adjust exchange rates easily, replace the built-in batch job   👍
More control over general journal approvals   👍
Use different general ledger accounts for payables, receivables   👍
Sales & PurchaseBC20BC21BC22BC23
Change default company bank account on sales and service documents👍   
Release and reopen multiple documents👍   
Find posted and non-posted document lines in search 👍  
Catalog items use standard number series, can include in blanket sales orders  👍 
Get more info about customer ledger entries when posting  👍 
Navigate easier between order, receipt, and invoice documents   👍
Suggest the next step for sales and production orders   👍
Sync document and posting dates for sales and purchases   👍
Generate a customer statement only with open entries   👍
Include only open entries on customer statements   👍
Inventory & WarehouseBC20BC21BC22BC23
Support inventory pick and warehouse pick operations for jobs👍   
Flexible sorting in the Planning Worksheet page 👍  
Make entry of variant codes required 👍  
Post item charges for each step of the process 👍  
Avoid document number errors when you post item journals  👍 
Bin Code and Zone Code fields are dynamically shown on warehouse documents  👍 
Define an invoice posting policy for various users  👍 
Define content of created warehouse documents with filters  👍 
Demo tool and data for warehouse and inventory scenarios  👍 
Easier to create opening balances for item tracked inventory  👍 
Navigate easier between warehouse and inventory documents  👍 
Post multiple transfer orders at the same time  👍 
Preview item journals and 20 other journals and documents before posting  👍 
Ship and receive non-inventory items on warehouse documents  👍 
Undo transfer shipments  👍 
Usability improves for item tracking codes visibility, creation of new entries  👍 
Usability improves for transfer order select multiple items, mandatory fields  👍 
Usability improves for warehouse, inventory, and tracking areas  👍 
Use advanced warehouse functionality with minimal complexity  👍 
Availability overview helps you calculate quantities in your warehouse   👍
Block item variants   👍
Configure how to handle different warehouse operations   👍
Edit in Excel on item journals and warehouse worksheets   👍
Identify and track items easier with item references   👍
Improved processes for inventory counts and adjustments   👍
Print and scan barcodes   👍
Receive more items than ordered by using inventory put-away documents   👍
Usability improves for warehouse and inventory   👍
Use directed pick and put-away suggestions in basic warehouse configurations   👍
Create and resume interactions using guided experience  👍 
Fixed Quantity in product bills of materials👍   
New UI for entering demand forecasts to add support for variant code and other improvements👍   
Configure how to handle different warehouse operations   👍
Suggest the next step for sales and production orders   👍
Log emails using a shared mailbox and Graph API👍   
Two-digit year evaluates to 1950-2049 range👍   
Shopify connector👍   
Simpler Shopify connection 👍  
Set up data exchange more easily 👍  
Use multiline text fields with Word mail merge 👍  
Easily comply with email-sending limits through email throttling 👍  
Use default attachments in email sent from Business Central 👍  
Access attachments on additional list pages 👍  
Add more columns to pages for better insight  👍 
Easier to set up price synchronization for Shopify  👍 
Set up and sync master data across companies  👍 
Shopify connector becomes extensible  👍 
Use enhanced mail merge with Word templates  👍 
Usability improves for Shopify Connector  👍 
Use attachments from document lines while sending emails  👍 
Synchronize returns and refunds from Shopify  👍 
Add more columns to pages for better insight   👍
Troubleshoot Shopify integration issues   👍
Allow the sell-to and bill-to customers to be different for jobs👍   
Report selection for projects👍   
Support inventory pick and warehouse pick operations for jobs👍   
Track items that are used in projects, including picks 👍  
Configure how to handle different warehouse operations   👍
Service – minor improvements 👍  
Auto-accept transactions for intercompany journals👍   
Intercompany posting provides a one-stop-shop setup experience  👍 
Include approvals for intercompany general journals in your workflows   👍
Make intercompany transactions across Business Central environments   👍

I hope this article has clarified for you what features you will find in addition to a BC 20 in one of the subsequent versions.

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